Fall Driving Safety

As summer has come to and end and we excitedly wait for the leaves to start dropping, we need to remember that with the onset of a new season comes new driving challenges and safety hazards. As your trusted collison repair shop in Lake Zurich, Illinois, we’re here to help you by discussing some unique driving challenges that occur during autumn.

Check you tire pressure
An important thing to check that if often overlooked is your vehicle’s tire pressure. This becomes even more important when the temperature begins to fall as tires lose 1 to 2 pounds for ever 10 degrees the temperature drops. Low tire pressure can affect a lot of things from your gas mileage to the more dangerous situation of your tire blowing out.
Be vigilant in the rain
Autumn often means increased rainfall in a lot of areas, which can always be a driving hazard. Be sure to always maintain a safe driving distance as your stopping time will be discreased and slamming on the breaks may result in your vehicle hydroplaning.
Avoid braking on wet leaves
With more rain comes wet leaves plastered on the road during the fall. These can sometimes be as slippery as ice in the winter, so if you find yourself approaching a section of road with a lot of wet leaves, be sure to drive slowly and safely and avoid breaking hard until you’re on a clear road surface.
Be cautious on bridges
As in winter, bridges are much more susceptible to freezing during the autumn, especially in the early hours. When the temperature drops at night, morning frost can freeze up patches of the bridge surface, making for a dangerous road surface. So, be sure to be careful of bridges as the temperature begins to cool down during fall and drive with caution.

Being cautious of these autumn circumstances will hopefully help you drive safely and avoid accidents, but not every accident can be prevented. Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable and you may find yourself of a collision repair shop in Lake Zurich, Illinois. If you do, trust your vehicle with The Body Shop of Barrington. Learn more about our collision repair shop in Lake Zurich, Illinios and our services at TBSBarrington.com.